Christmas Crack (AKA Saltine Toffee Crackers)

Christmas Saltine Toffee CandyThis is one of my all-time favourite Christmas treats – Saltine Toffee Candy. It’s easy, fast and contains simple ingredients (none of which are even remotely healthy). It’s great to give as a gift as I have not met anyone who doesn’t like this treat.

This is one of those goodies that has all kinds of awesome – sweet and salty, crispy and delicious and also hits that chocolate craving. It’s also one of those bad treats where you just can’t stop eating it. So maybe don’t make this if you’re watching your waistline :) because you really can’t have just one.

Visit Passionate Penny Pincher’s website to find the recipe for Christmas Crack, um I mean Saltine Toffee Candy.

Bon appetite!